helper-scripts is a set packages that contain scripts that I like to have installed on all of my Debian-based systems. I keep them in my repository as a convenience to me, but I thought I’d post about them anyway in case they might be useful to someone else. Currently, helper-scripts generates 4 binary packages that contain:


These are just a few scripts that I always install on my Debian systems. See their respective man pages for more information.

  • courierpw – change a userdb password for the Courier IMAP daemon
  • psp – report status of a specific process by name
  • service – invoke scripts in /etc/init.d
  • sources – quickly change between apt source files
  • system-health – monitor and report a system’s health
  • system-update – update a Debian system automatically


This is the same set as debian-helper-scripts but without the “service” script
since it is included with sysvinit-utils in Ubuntu. As of Ubuntu 8.04, sysvinit-utils “conflicts” with debian-helper-scripts, preventing its installation.


These are just a few scripts that I use to help me interface to my subversion
repositories from various locations and to maintain them on the server. I
hate dealing with the goofy subversion URI syntax and these scripts abstract it
away nicely when you are only dealing with one server.

  • sco – subversion check out by repository name and project
  • svn-dump – dump a repository to a flat text file
  • svn-export – export a project
  • svn-fixperm – repair file permissions on a repository
  • svn-import – import a project
  • svn-load – load a dumped repository



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