Blueberry Calibration

This calibration is based off of a cleaned-up version of Geoff Allan’s “Blueberry” calibration.  My 1986 Dodge Daytona is currently using this calibration.  Many of the table modifications were rolled back to stock Turbo II specs to get a clean starting point.  The fuel tables were then scaled for 58pph injectors and spark advance tables were aligned close to MP CSX Stage II specs.  Some fuel was removed from the WOT fuel baseline to get better performance with my laggy turbo and a lot of time was spent getting the startup and cold weather fueling tuned.  It is a work in progress, but has been working well all year round.  This should make a good starting point for most people with 1987 electronics and it tuned better than the legacy cal below.  Use at your own risk!

Blueberry 60.17

by on Sep.16, 2008, under Blueberry

09/16/2008: Version 60.17 (based on “Blueberry60”) – Add timing back to AdvanceFromMapWarmFull so that retard window is from 2.5 – 10psi. Also add a couple of degrees before and after that. Scale FuelMonitorScaling down instead of up (duh) to try to match observed mileage. Set StartFuelCompBaro back to stock to try to address insufficient fuel at cold start. Change AdvanceFromRpms under 1500 back to original BB60.

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Blueberry 60.16

by on Jul.07, 2008, under Blueberry

07/07/2008: Version 60.16 (based on “Blueberry60”) – Revert ColdEnrichmentFuelCurveA back to stock since AIS changes seemed to address part of lean startup conditions. Remove more timing from AdvanceFromMapWarmFull to widen range down to -2psi.

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Blueberry 60.15

by on Jul.03, 2008, under Blueberry

07/03/2008: Version 60.15 (based on “Blueberry60”) – Increase boost goals/limits to 21psi. Fix lots of missing TBL entries and re-enable staging mod. Get rid of “2bar/3bar” table names to permit easier comparisons to Turbonator and stock cals. Revert AIS tables and FuelLeanoutFactorOffThrottle back to stock. Bump FuelMonitorScaling to compensate for observed fuel useage discrepencies. Retard timing between 0 to 15psi up to -10 degrees at 6psi in AdvanceFromMapWarmFull for improved turbo spool.

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Version 60.14

by on Aug.30, 2007, under Blueberry

08/30/2007: Version 60.14 (based on “Blueberry60”) – bump FuelFullThrottle point 2 down to 5800uS. Too lean during decel still, so move point 1 of FuelNoThrottle right and up 2 ticks to -14.2psi @ 10.00uS. Move ColdEnrichmentFuelCurveA point 4 from 58.8^F @ 1.19 to 58.8^F @ 1.21.

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Version 42.02

by on Nov.11, 2006, under Blueberry

11/11/2006: Version 42.02 (based on “Blueberry42”) – this was an initial attempt to tune Blueberry42 for the Daytona with the same tune as the legacy calibration below. With winter approaching, this calibration was abandoned and the legacy calibration from the CSX was used instead.

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