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Version 42.02

by on Nov.11, 2006, under Blueberry

11/11/2006: Version 42.02 (based on “Blueberry42”) – this was an initial attempt to tune Blueberry42 for the Daytona with the same tune as the legacy calibration below. With winter approaching, this calibration was abandoned and the legacy calibration from the CSX was used instead.

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The Daytona: November 8, 2006

by on Nov.08, 2006, under Daytona

The stupid cheesy plastic draincock on the brand new radiator broke on the way to work.  Stuffed a rag in the hole and limped back home.  What a crappy design.  Anyway, I did a few other odds and ends while I was at it, including the installation of the correct throttle cable.  I also got the interior all cleaned up nice and managed to take some pics of the inside and the outside (it’s a little dirty on the outside, but oh well).

I’m really happy with how the guage pod and mounts turned out.

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The Daytona: November 6, 2006

by on Nov.06, 2006, under Daytona

Drove it around a bit over the weekend.  Took it to work today and romped on it a bit.  The Super 70 is a bit more laggy, but it’s not anywhere near as bad as I thought it might be.  Also, the intake temps are just a few degrees above ambient…this intercooler is the bomb.  It’s pretty peppy even when the turbo is lagging and man this sucker moves when the boost hits.  It will be interesting to see how it works once I start cranking it up.  Right now it’s on the stock cal with the fuel pressure turned way down.  It won’t go low enough in vacuum, so it makes it a little lean further up the scale since the autotrim gets a little out of whack.  It’s like 10.5:1 at WOT, but if I leave part throttle it HAULS.

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The Daytona: November 3, 2006

by on Nov.03, 2006, under Daytona

Finished hooking up all the guages, mounting the guage pods, getting the exterior all lined up, and getting it on all fours.  Had to shorten the hood vent tray to clear the intake manifold.  Also did a little fixup on the fenders, since the 87 put the belt moulding above the belt line, while the 86 has it just below the line.  Did a little creative tie-wrapping to get the early throttle body cable to work on the blow-through throttle body.

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The CSX: November 3, 2006

by on Nov.03, 2006, under CSX

Well, on the way home from work I noticed that I had no heat and the temp guage was acting weird.  I was like great, it’s the frickin’ head gasket that’s making it smoke.  I started filling the radiator, which was pretty much empty, and heard a splashing noise.  I look under the car and coolant is dumping out from behind the block.  Dang core plug popped out again.  Man I hate that thing.  There is no room for the CSX in the garage, so I forged ahead with the Daytona.  The CSX needs the front struts swapped, the turbo swapped, the clutch swapped, the radiator core support welded, the K-frame checked for square, the ball joints re-replaced, and a full, 4-wheel alignment job.  Poor car needs a break.

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The Daytona: October 29, 2006

by on Oct.29, 2006, under Daytona

It’s alive!!!  Frankentona lives again!  Got the motor all hooked up tonight, pressurized the fuel system, and checked for leaks.  Stared at it for a minute to make sure I didn’t forget anything really important and cranked it over.  It fired right up on the first try.  I was a little surprised, given the major harness surgery it underwent in the engine bay.  It was smoking pretty good from all the oil and grease on the exhaust/turbo, but it didn’t really show up in the picture.  Before test firing it but after putting oil in it, I primed the system with a drill on the intermediate shaft and made sure the turbo was getting oil.

All that’s left is to put the fenders and nose back on, cut down the hood vent tray, and straighten up a few things in the interior.  The goal was to have it running by Halloween, but I may even have it on the road by then!  Just in time too, as the CSX is starting to smoke a bit more….

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The Daytona: October 27, 2006

by on Oct.27, 2006, under Daytona

It’s been a rough couple of weeks at work (70-80 hours), but I managed to get some garage time in.  The exhaust installation is complete.  It came out pretty good, but I had the usual surprises.  The FWD Performance kits really like the passenger side.  The exhaust on both the Daytona and CSX had about 1/2″ too much length between the two 90 degree bends, which pushes the cat up against the heat shield from the back.  I had to remove that amount from both, but I had to cut that pipe anyway to swing the back half up a bit.  It’s clamped for now, but I will weld it once I’m happy with how the exhaust has settled in its hangers.  Add to that the 3″ down pipe, which doesn’t have enough length before the last curve and the cat ends up rubbing the heat shield.  Some heat shield massaging was needed to clear it.  The missing down pipe heat shield required that I wrap the down pipe in header wrap and shield the shifter cables a bit.  The offset oval muffler simplified the cutting/fitting behind the muffler, since I could use the offset to drop the tail pipe.  That part worked out well.

I’m not really happy with the Walker stainless band clamps.  They are nicely made and have captive nuts (which will be interesting once they are nice and rusty), but they don’t seal really well due to the way they pull up on the band where it is welded to itself.  The cheaper clamps that are on the CSX (Jegs/J.C. Whitney) seal better and I like how they “take-up” the band slack in the dished grooves.

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The Daytona: October 15, 2006

by on Oct.15, 2006, under Daytona

Stupid skin infection came back again…grrr.  Really slows me down, but I did get the bobble strut mount from Johnny welded to a backplate and welded to the K-frame.  Man, I suck at stick welding.  At least with the MIG, the tool helps mask my poor skills.  Anyway the mount that Johnny sells is very solid.  However, it is being welded to stamped sheetmetal on the K-frame and the contact patch is only about one square inch.  As such, a transitional plate is needed to spread the load over a wider area on the K-frame to prevent cracking.  I made mine out of a couple of scraps of 1.5″ angle iron that was cut, bent, hammered, etc until it matched the profile of the K-frame.

I also got the exhaust cut and fitted.  Had to make the same basic changes to the back half as I did on the CSX.  Also, getting the nut on the driver’s side down pipe bolt is problematic when using the TU 3″ swingvalve with the .63 A/R exhaust housing.  More on that when it is done.

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The Daytona: October 9, 2006

by on Oct.09, 2006, under Daytona

Got the clutch and did the swap.  Also got the intercooler perminently installed after painting the core support.  The TU ceramic/organic clutch (left) is headed to the CSX.  The Kevlar clutch (right) is installed, along with its sparkly blue painted Sachs pressure plate.

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The CSX: October 9, 2006

by on Oct.09, 2006, under CSX

Turns out that I didn’t tighten the distributer enough.  The front engine harness is tied to the corner and it slowly pulled more and more retard until it was way off the scale and ran like crap.  I also experimented with some different cam settings.  It’s currently set to 2 degrees retarded on the 88 TBI cam.  It’s a little soggy on the bottom end, but pulls pretty good to the redline.  It’s just a matter of switching my driving habits a bit.

The kevlar clutch for the Daytona arrived, which is now swapped and the pressure plate (LUK unit painted red) for the TU ceramic/organic is now freed up and standing by for the CSX.  At some point after the Daytona is done, I am going to have to swap the clutch and the turbo.

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