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The Daytona: November 7, 2005

by on Nov.07, 2005, under Daytona

Just shot the clearcoat on the doors.  Spent the past month filling dents and primering the doors and the new hood.  Shot the color on the doors last night and now they are cleared.  The clear refused to lay flat unless I loaded it on there good.  There is a fine line between accomplishing that and ending up with runs and sags.  Got a couple of runs and lots of orange peel.  What a pain.  I had this same problem with clear before.  I think I need to use a different clear coat system.

I don’t have time to do the hood due to the cold weather approaching, but the old hood is still on the car and if I can get the fenders off of JT’s black ’87, then I can at least drive it.

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by on Nov.05, 2005, under Linux

Synctree is a tool to synchronize two directory trees based on a set of rules.  It has been enhanced with the ability to interface with the Sorune database manager for the Neuros audio player.  By handling the transfer of files with this tool, it can automatically transcode/peel audio files into a format that is fully supoorted by the Neuros (which has trouble with high bitrate files).  It is written in Perl.


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The CSX: November 2, 2005

by on Nov.02, 2005, under CSX

Some dude switched lanes right in front of me while I was accelerating to merge into traffic and checking my blind spot.  I hit the brakes and swerved too hard to avoid him, came around and ended up in the guard rail while going backwards.  These cars are way too tail-happy when you are really on the hooks.  The car hit the front corner first, so the front fender and the door took the brunt of the damage.  They are a loss, but the rear quarter is definately fixable…it didn’t even touch the tail light.  All four of my new tires have flat spots on them now, especially the fronts.  Grr….

I pushed the front-end underbody out with the Porta-Power, gave the fender some foot-stomping action out in the yard.  Also used the Porta-Power to push the door back out by the hinges.  Doesn’t look half-bad, considering how little time I spent on it.  The Daytona is nowhere near being done, so the CSX still needs to put out.

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The Daytona: September 2, 2005

by on Sep.02, 2005, under Daytona

Remeber the pics of that nice turbo?  How about these?  On the left is the “S60” turbo mentioned earlier.  On the right is the new “Super 70″ turbo from Turbos Unleashed with their 3” swing valve bolted to a .63 A/R exhaust housing (compare it to the .48 on the S60).  Not sure how the lag is going to be, but I got my hands on an FM ported 2 piece intake and a Spearco, which will hopefully help out.

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The CSX: July 29, 2005

by on Jul.29, 2005, under CSX

I got the 225/50 HR15 Kumho ECSTA 711s mounted on a half-decent set of 15×6.5″ crabs.  The balance is not great, but boy can this thng handle now.

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The Daytona: June 30, 2005

by on Jun.30, 2005, under Daytona

Didn’t come close to making it for SDAC.  Oh well.

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The CSX: June 30, 2005

by on Jun.30, 2005, under CSX

Took the CSX to Ohio for SDAC15.  There was no way that my work schedule would let me finish it in time (it’s not even close).  Had an awesome time as always, except for the nasty hangover on the last day (oops).  The car did OK, though I couldn’t break into the 14s at all this year.  It just doesn’t feel right at the top end and the boost always drops way off.  With the wastegate disconnected, it can barely keep 15psi when I wind it all the way up.  I tried wiring the wastegate shut, but that didn’t help either.  At low engine speeds, it’ll crank out 20psi with no trouble.  Not sure what the deal is, but I do think it needs a bigger turbo.  I have that TU S60 with the .48 A/R housing and clipped turbine.  The Daytona’s engine has been collecting better toys since I got the turbo, so maybe it should get a true Super 60 instead.  It may be that I have the (modified) Talon BOV in the bottom hose and at high engine speeds, the IC starts backing up and the pressure in the lower hose goes insanely high and pushes the valve open.  I may try to remove the BOV and see what happens.

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The Daytona: May 18, 2005

by on May.18, 2005, under Daytona

The Daytona’s been under the knife again.  The fenders and doors are off.  Sanded the doors and the new hood from Dave.  Totally stripped the weird peeling/flaking paint off of the fenders, only to find a gallon of bondo on the passenger side.  I’m not even going to bother with it.  The driver’s side is in good condition, though.  I hate body work.

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The Daytona: May 8, 2005

by on May.08, 2005, under Daytona

Heard a strange scraping sound as I pulled into the driveway.  It was part of the rusted, twisted hulk that was my radiator core support.  Time to drive the CSX for a while.

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The CSX: May 8, 2005

by on May.08, 2005, under CSX

All put back together and back on the road so that I can put the Daytona down for a while. I cobbled-together a small guage cluster and mounted it under the center console.  It has the fual pressure, oil pressure, and the new oil temperature guages.  It’s basically a Radio Shack 8″ x 5.5″ x 3″ ABS project case.  The guages are angled towards the driver with those Auto Meter inserts.  It doesn’t look great, but its servicable.

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