Blueberry 60.17

by on Sep.16, 2008, under Blueberry

09/16/2008: Version 60.17 (based on “Blueberry60”) – Add timing back to AdvanceFromMapWarmFull so that retard window is from 2.5 – 10psi. Also add a couple of degrees before and after that. Scale FuelMonitorScaling down instead of up (duh) to try to match observed mileage. Set StartFuelCompBaro back to stock to try to address insufficient fuel at cold start. Change AdvanceFromRpms under 1500 back to original BB60.

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    Nice blog. I am really interested in learning how to make a custom cal for my 85 datyona. Is there a beginners guide to making custom cals out there for these cars? I have downloaded Zchem, but I am not sure what to do with it. Are you willing to share your version of the blueberry cal with others?

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    Of course…that’s why it’s posted! 🙂 As far as your 85, there has not been a whole lot of progress on those era cals. Most of the effort for logic modules has been applied to the 87, since it is not too difficult to update an 85 or an 86 to 87 specs.

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    Thanks for the reply. I guess I am not seeing where the cal. is posted. If I click on the title ‘Blueberry 60.17’ I get an error page, ‘site not found’. I am changing my ’85 LM to the ’87 LM, so the blueberry cal. should work fine. Problem is I don’t know what to change on that cal. to make it work for a G-head. Any thoughts. I figure I could bump up the base timing 2-3 degrees if all else fails. BTW, I spent some time looking through the downloads in the Zchem folder and found instructions in the PDF file on how to get started. Now I am really getting excited because this is looking like something I can do. One other question I have…isn’t there a way to flash the cal. into the chip without removing it from the board? Some sort of interface adapter?
    Thanks for your help!

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    Yeah, you basically just need to add some timing. Just add it a bit at a time. Make sure have the mod turned on that flashes the Check Engine light when knock is detected (it’s on by default).

    There is a mod that can be done to SMECs to make them flashable. No one has done it for an LM yet, but it’s not impossible. Most folks who do a lot of tuning get a “ROMulator”, which is actually non-volatile RAM that can be updated in real time while the engine is running.

    As you my cal not being posted…yeah it’s totally not posted. Sorry…I’ll fix it.

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    Thanks for the advice, Russ. I will make sure the Check Engine mod is on. I really like that mod.

    So, the ROMulator will work for a LM? If so, have you tried this?

    What about datalogging. Do you use minidash or LMLog?

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    I have used minidash most recently. I have done other methods as well. I do not have a ROMulator, but a few people on turbo-mopar have used them with good results.

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