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MythTV 0.26

by on Mar.10, 2013, under Linux

I had upgraded my MythTV back and front ends recently from version 0.24 and ran into some annoyances:

  • The MediaMonitor has a new dependency on the udisks daemon, even if you don’t use the Media Monitor feature.  Without it, Myth had very poor behavior when trying to eject optical media.  The eject option in the menu would just display a dialog saying “No devices to eject.”  Also, the physical eject button would get disabled after playing the disk even though I could eject it from a terminal with “eject” as the mythtv user.  The fallback in MediaMonitor::ejectOpticalDisk() seems to be useless.
  • My carefully-crafted channel lineup for Comcast became non-functional.  This is such a tedious process that i still haven’t gotten around to fixing it.  Right now, my digital tuners are recording programs that can’t actually be tuned.
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New Hosting

by on Jan.10, 2013, under Site

Thanks to the generosity of iMav at, I now have some real hosting for my sites.  So long, GoDaddy.

In other news, the new version of WordPress breaks an old plugin that I forgot I was using (PhotoJar).  I relied on its shortcode quite heavily, so many of my embedded photos no longer show up.  I will probably have to write some PHP glue to restore old posts.

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