The CSX: February 22, 1999

by on Feb.22, 1999, under CSX

Broke 500 miles on Friday (19th)!  Woo!  The engine is now broken in.  I hooked up the wastegate solenoid around 400 miles and have been enjoying the power.  🙂  The boost likes to creep to 14psi, before the computer pulls it back down to about 11psi.  Luckily, I’m not hitting cutout.  I guess it’s time to play with restrictors again.  I drove the car all the way to work on the tollways and it did just fine, aside from the bumpy ride.  Here is the car as of today:

As if that weren’t enough, Arlie Hart is selling a GLHS in New York to a guy in Chicago.  He agreed to carry the last two panels with him, so I may have them this weekend!

The next major project will be to gut the interior again and try to find the source of my water leak.  The carpeting is getting musty again and it seems to be shrinking.  I’m not sure what to do with it at this point.  I may have to trash it in favor of some new carpeting.  It sure could use it.  The headliner is another issue.  I plan on buying some headliner material and gluing it on this summer as well.

The only other big problem is the suspension.  It definitely needs new shocks and struts, judging by the way it hops all over the place..  I have a lead on some interesting units, otherwise I’ll go with Konis or KYBs.

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