Stage 2 Check

by on Aug.08, 2016, under Flight Training

After several weeks of bad weather, I took my flight school’s check for the final phase of their second training stage.  It involved taking my instructor to KUES and then practicing a diversion on the way back.  We got there fine, but I then had some uncertainty with my last checkpoint.  While looking at the chart, I got off course.  Once I figured it out, I did find the airport and landed there fine.  Lesson: don’t abandon the plan, even if you think you are off course.  On the way back, we diverted to Galt (K10C).  My course was again a bit off and I ended up west of the airport, but I did spot as we approached.  In that case, I didn’t immediately draw the course line and so my heading wasn’t very accurate to start with.  I did fix it along the way, using VOR/DME to find myself, but it wasn’t enough.  We then flew back to KPWK, which I mainly did with the VOR.

Overall it wasn’t a complete success, but my instructor was confident enough to let me fly it solo.  So I will be making the same trip to KUES as my first cross country solo.

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