The CSX: September 13, 1999

by on Sep.13, 1999, under CSX

It appears that the stabilizer bearing has self-destructed.  On the way home from the SDACCL meeting on Saturday, I started to notice a sort of vibrating metal-to-metal squeak that was getting louder and louder.  When I got home I found the entire left side of the tranny covered in oil.  I guess the bearing just can’t handle it.  So, it appears that I will be looking for a replacement differential.

Before the meeting I was able to install the new “Jessie Buhr” 2-1/2″ aluminized exhaust system (thanks Mark!).  The fit was mediocre at best and some bending and cutting/rewelding was required.  It’s still a bit off, so I will have to make some tweaks to it.  Aside from that, it is a nice system.  The original 2 1/4″ exhaust with no muffler droned way too much when cruising.  So, I opted for a Dynomax Super Turbo muffler (part# 17710).  It’s a nice unit and is the perfect length to fit in a P, J, or G-body.  It’s a 7″ round, 18″ long unit.  It has a nice sounding idle and seems to be quite good at the top end. Not as good as an open pipe, but good enough for me.

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