The Daytona: November 7, 2005

by on Nov.07, 2005, under Daytona

Just shot the clearcoat on the doors.  Spent the past month filling dents and primering the doors and the new hood.  Shot the color on the doors last night and now they are cleared.  The clear refused to lay flat unless I loaded it on there good.  There is a fine line between accomplishing that and ending up with runs and sags.  Got a couple of runs and lots of orange peel.  What a pain.  I had this same problem with clear before.  I think I need to use a different clear coat system.

I don’t have time to do the hood due to the cold weather approaching, but the old hood is still on the car and if I can get the fenders off of JT’s black ’87, then I can at least drive it.

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