Oil Filters Revealed

by on Jan.24, 2008, under Automotive, MiniMopar

The old Oil Filter Study page has been replaced by a new article: Oil Filters Revealed. It has received a major update to bring it inline with the current market, lots of new pictures, and some completely different filters as well. Many weeks of research went into this one.

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  1. Brian Compton

    Hey bud, your oil filter study is down…any way to provide links to the correct sites sir!



  2. Bob Brent

    Hi Russ,

    I see the Oil Filters Revealed page returns a 404 Not Found, I presume you took it down after threats of legal action by filter manufacturers. Sorry, to see this, I wanted to provide it to readers of Toronto Star’s Wheels section.

    Fortunately, I archived it, still have it available (and since reading it use Mobil 1 synthetic filter with Mobil 1 synthetic 0–W30 oil)!

    Thanks for all the hours of research!


  3. Geoff

    Hi Russ,

    I was reading some of your site, though my relaxation bent is more motorbikes than cars. I thought that you may like to know that your article called “Oil Filters revealed” produces a 404.

    On motorbikes here in the UK we tend to use Hiflo, Filtrex and K&N, or OEM products. I have not personally used K&N, though many swear by them, especially the upgraded performance type. I understand that in the USA the K&N standard filters are not well thought of. Filtrex has stated that they are and OEM manufacturer, but I cannot find who for. HiFlo we know do make for various OEM manufacturers.

    With regards to cars the after market ones that you see around most are FRAM and Champion, who I now see are now owned by FRAM, unless Champion here is different to the USA.

  4. Matt Mower

    Any chance this could revived again? It was a useful reference even today since oil filter design isn’t exactly moving at the rate of technology.

  5. JasonC

    Just thought I’d point out that both links in your post seem to be 404’d.

  6. scott gress

    Link to Oil Filter study seems to be dead. Bummer. Was great work.

  7. Dennis

    So what is the URL for the Oil Filters Revealed page? This is what I get when I click on the linked text:

    Not Found

    The requested URL /oilfilters/index.html was not found on this server.

  8. Russ

    Fixed. Sorry about that.

  9. Russ

    Sorry about this…I didn’t realize that the old subdomain was broken. It’s getting long in the tooth, but everything is still there. 🙂

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