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1988 Dodge Shadow ES

These pages are dedicated to my former workhorse: my 1988 Dodge Shadow ES.  It was my daily driver from the summer of 1995 through November 2002, and was a great car.  The body simply fell apart on it (rust, paint peel, etc); I could not justify the work needed to fix it right.

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Through the Chicago Tribune Online, I found a 1988 Dodge Shadow ES Turbo 5 speed coupe that a woman was selling in downtown Chicago.  It had all the same options as my old Sundance had as well as the nice ES interior, rear spoiler, ground effects, and the 15×6 inch “crab” (more like bottle caps to me) rims which were in almost perfect shape.  The car only had 53,000 miles on it and it was neat and clean, inside and out.  Needless to say, I bought it even though we knew it had a blown head gasket (which is the reason she was selling it, I’m sure).  The car overheated about four blocks from her place, but we pulled the thermostat out and got it home.  I replaced the gasket and put new belts and plugs in it as well as a K&N drop-in filtercharger.  I also figured out how to stop the leaky trunk problem in these cars and fixed my trunk as well as my sister’s.  The only other problem the car had was a loss of power steering at idle.  I contributed this to a weak power steering pump.


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