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by on Nov.13, 2008, under Computing, Site

After some experimentation with the WordPress eXtended RSS (WXR) importer, I decided it was more trouble than it was worth.  The importer requires too many details to create usable posts out of the basic “log” entires on my old website.  Instead, I have taken the portion of Zack Preble’s “CSV” Importer that interfaces with WordPress, fixed the database query problems for categories, and adapted it to a simple XML parser.  Then it was a simple matter to write a Perl script that could parse the HTML and generate the XML files.

The XML tags are modeled after WXR and the following are supported:

<item>, <title>, <post_date>, <category>, <content>

Here is an example XML file.


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  1. Toli

    I have a 1996 Turbo Z, which I will not ultimately be able to fix up, due to the fact that my wife is expecting a baby.
    Never had the chance to enroll in thr SDAC society either, due to work constraints. Any chance I may find a good home for my old Daytona?
    I guess getting 600-700 dollars for it would not hurt, either (only has some rust and dents, runs, new turbo, cylinder head, etc. have to see)
    I will contact other members as well, if OK. 630-606-7830 Cell. Please contact, or forward as deemed desirable.

    Thank you so much.

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