notifier-applet is a standard GNOME panel applet that listens on a UDP socket for packets and will display the contents in a pop-up notification window. It supports both raw text as well as a simple tokenized header that allows basic control over the appearance of the window. The notification window itself also supports a small handful of HTML-like markup tags, such as <b> and <i>.

Version 1 of the header uses the string “!!” as the token and as the following format (note that the 3 optional fields are considered from right to left):


  • urgency – low|normal|critical (default is normal)
  • timeout – amount of time to display the notification in milliseconds (default is 5 seconds). Set to 0 to keep it until closed by the user.
  • title – title of the notification window (default is “Notification”)
  • message – the message to display inside the notification window. May contain some simple HTML-like markup.



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