Duncan’s Amp Pages – home of the Tube Datasheet Locater and Schematics Index

Frank’s Electron Tube Pages – searchable index of tube data sheets

Setiawan Schematic Library – a nice collection of tube amp schematics

The Fi Primer – an interesting collection of amplifier schematics by J.C. Morrison

Wade’s Audio And Tube Page – another nice collection of amplifier schematics

Gary’s Tube Swap Homepage – a tube enthusiast with parts for sale and some project ideas

World Tube Audio Portal – A large directory of tube links

Andrea Ciuffoli’s Audio Design Guide – a large collection of his own amplifier projects

Fred Nachbaur’s Vacuum Tube Projects – a few well documented tube amplifier projects.

Experiments in Electrocution – a few more amplifier projects


Antique Electronic Supply – very large selection of tubes and other electronic parts

Audio Electronic Supply – a general audio parts supplier who also carries tube parts

Bottlehead Corporation – very well priced high-end amplifier kits

Brent Jessee Recording – huge selection of NOS tubes

Electro-Harmonix – new production tubes (mostly Russian) mainly for instrument amplifiers

KCA NOS Tubes – nice collection of NOS tubes, leaning more towards guitar amp types

Parts Connexion – formerly the Part Connection, now a new company with very nice catalog

SND Tube Sales – a sizable collection of NOS tubes for sale

STF Electronics – a basic selection of mostly new production tubes, as well as a few kits

Triode Electronics – nice selection of new and NOS tubes and parts, as well as a lot of tube amp history and information

Vacuum Tubes, Inc. – another collection of NOS tubes for sale

Welborne Labs – lots of DIY tube amp parts and kits.


(some don’t have working links)

AVVT – Alesa Vaic Vacuum Technology, manufactured in Prague, Czech Republic

Cetron – manufactured by Richardson Electronics in La Fox, IL, USA

Ei Electronic Industries – manufactured in Nis, Serbia

Golden Dragon – manufactured in China by Liuzhou

JJ Electronic – formerly Tesla, manufactured in Cadca, Slovakia

KR Enterprise – manufactured in Prague, Czech Republic

Shuguang Electrical Factory No. 1 – manufactured in China

Sino – manufactured in Beijing, China; may have stopped production

Sovtek – brand name owned by New Sensor, whos are tubes imported from the Reflector Corp plant in Saratov, Russia

Svetlana – PM Components (of the UK) is now importing tubes from Svetlana Electron Devices in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Valve Art – made by O&J Enterprises in Changsha, Hunan (China)

Westrex Corporation – (Western Electric) manufactured in Kansas City, MO, USA


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