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by on Jan.10, 2013, under Site

Thanks to the generosity of iMav at, I now have some real hosting for my sites.  So long, GoDaddy.

In other news, the new version of WordPress breaks an old plugin that I forgot I was using (PhotoJar).  I relied on its shortcode quite heavily, so many of my embedded photos no longer show up.  I will probably have to write some PHP glue to restore old posts.

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  1. Chas Pearson

    Searching for your articles on oil filters.
    Are you planning to post an updated study, or have you posted your most recent one someplace else?
    Any info can help…trying to find out why Fram has such a poor reputation, but more important is a recommendation for a good brand for my ’11 HHR

    Chas Pearson

  2. Russ

    The most recent update was in 2008. It is posted here:

  3. Carson

    Don’t know if this is related to you changing hosts, and i know this is kinda old to bring up, but the files on your website are missing on an old post with compiled xorg drivers and such for xbox. I tried going through to see if they had them depending on their filesize limit, but it wasn’t on there, was wondering if you still had them around since it so old.

  4. Russ

    I’m sure I do. Let me take a look.

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