New Meets Old

by on Nov.13, 2008, under Site

While the “blog” part of WordPress is attractive for some things, there are still the more static parts of my old web site that I wanted to integrate somehow.  I tested a few different themes and settled on pixeled by samk.  I like the layout and how it uses categories to power the menu bar at the top.  I also like the color scheme and artwork.  It’s a perfect throwback to the old site.  Thank you, Sam!

I’ve taken categories further by using them as an engine to load static HTML pages and display them at the top of the first page in each category.  This more-or-less emulates the layout of what I had before.  It also allowed me to eliminate some cruft and reminded me about some things that need updating (not that I will).  Still making changes, but this will work for now.  Right now these static pages are stored with the theme itself.  I may decide to switch to WP pages instead, though I am not quite ready to give up being able to update them locally and batch-upload them.

Sam released his theme under the GPL, so I am posting my derivative here.

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