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The CSX: April 29, 2005

by on Apr.29, 2005, under CSX

The rusty areas of the floor pans are prepped for POR-15.  Most of it is surface rust, but it is starting to pit and flake in a few spots, so it is a good time to address them.  I also noticed a crack in the firewall, but I don’t really have time to deal with it now.  If/when I ever pull this motor for a rebuild, I’ll patch up the firewall properly.

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The Daytona: April 29, 2005

by on Apr.29, 2005, under Daytona

The radiator core support is coming apart again…almost have the CSX done.

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The CSX: April 26, 2005

by on Apr.26, 2005, under CSX

Well, I have the oil pan back in.  I dropped it to fix a leak and went ahead and welded a temp sensor bung, side baffles, and some reinforcements on the bottom after banging out all the dents.  It was then stripped and painted with POR-15.  I also cleaned and painted the control arms and radiator/IC brackets.  The control arm bushing on the passenger side was walking out of the arm, so I purchased new poly bushings for it again.  I don’t think it was properly lubricated, so it shouldn’t happen again.  I also got the radiator recored, which has been in dire need since I bought the car.

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The Daytona: April 4, 2005

by on Apr.04, 2005, under Daytona

Swapped back to the original tires and put the Blizzaks in storage.  They were excellent tires in the sloppy weather, though we had a fairly mild winter this year.  Dry traction and handling is horrible, but I was expecting that given the very soft compound and tall treads.  Gonna start on the CSX so I can start tearing into this thing.

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by on Mar.30, 2005, under Linux

bup is a backup and restore tool that uses tar to create archives.  The archives are
automatically named and split into 1GB chunks to accomodate any file system.  The archives
are optionally compressed using bzip2.  It is essentially another wrapper for tar,
which can be a pain when the backups are large.  I haven’t found one that is as easy to use
as this one (at least for me).  I do all my backups to a remote machine with a removeable
hard drive bay via NFS.


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subversion-helper-scripts 0.5-2

by on Mar.22, 2005, under Linux

Version 0.5-2 of subversion-helper-scripts has been released. This is a bug fix update to the initial public release, which includes an example global config file.

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by on Mar.22, 2005, under Linux

Sorune is a tool written in Perl by Darren Smith.  It is used to manage the database on the Neuros Audio player.  Features include:

  • A simple GUI that makes management easy (requires Perl Tk).
  • All music formats are supported (mp3, ogg, wav, wma(non-drm)). All native file tags are supported.
  • Full m3u playlist support.
  • Database rebuild support.
  • Tagging by directory layout.
  • Sort by title on artists, genres, songs and recordings. Sort by track number on albums.
  • Maintains directory/file names as well as file access/modification times during sync.
  • Moving of recordings to user specified directory.
  • Foreign language accents in tags are handled (converted to the nearest English equivalent).
  • Handling of duplicate title names. Appends a number in parenthesis “(2)” or “(3)” to the title.
  • Sub-menu support.
  • Various artist support.Separate binary from libraries.

See the man page for more information.


The latest beta release:

Latest stable release:

Changes from Original Source

  • Separate binary from libraries.
  • Fix native library include path.
  • Created man page.
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The Daytona: January 5, 2005

by on Jan.05, 2005, under Daytona

Strange thing happened.  I tried to go to work one snowy morning, but I couldn’t get the beast started.  It popped a few times, but then nothing.  It was snowing out, which made it a pain to diagnose, but I had fuel and spark.  Finally I checked the timing and found that the cam was fine but the ignition had jumped about 50 degrees.  I cranked the distributer around to get the rotor pointing at #1 again and it fired right up.  The timing belt was done anyway, so I went ahead and replaced it.  Also fixed a bunch of little vacuum leaks.  Runs better than ever.  Will have the Blizzaks shortly….

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