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nedit_5.6~cvs20100114-rknize1 released

by on Jan.15, 2010, under Linux

Release a new CVS snapshot for nedit, mainly to ease installation on top of the snapshot that comes with Ubuntu 9.10.

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notifier-applet 0.3-1

by on Jan.12, 2009, under Linux

Version 0.3-1 of notifier-applet has been released.


  • Add length field to message format 1.
  • Update example with message format 1 support.
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helper-scripts 0.18-1

by on Jan.08, 2009, under Linux

Version 0.18-1 of helper-scripts has been released.


  • Bundle debian-helper-scripts 0.12 and subversion-helper-scripts 0.6-1 and call it 0.18-1.
  • Create ubuntu-helper-scripts to tune debian-helper-scripts for Ubuntu.
  • Import cleaned-up versions of some scripts from rknize-tools and make it into a new package: rknize-helper-scripts.
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notifier-applet 0.2-2

by on Jan.07, 2009, under Linux

Version 0.2-2 of notifier-applet has been released.


  • Add README to explain the message parser.
  • Add very primitive message parser to allow more control over notifcation.
  • Fix bug with empty messages.
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site-upload 0.6-1

by on Dec.15, 2008, under Linux

Version 0.6-1 of site-upload has been released.


  • Only check the checksum if the modification time changed.
  • Really fix stamp updates when there is an upload failure.
  • More stamp updating/checking cleanups.
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subversion-helper-scripts 0.6-1

by on Dec.15, 2008, under Linux

Version 0.6-1 of subversion-helper-scripts has been released.


  • Fix naming convention of config files in tools versus documentation.
  • Don’t use ‘source’ in non-bash scripts.
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site-upload 0.5-1

by on Dec.12, 2008, under Linux

Version 0.5-1 of site-upload has been released.


  • Add –checksum method of change detection.
  • Add –force-stamp option to allow stamp file fix-ups.
  • Major cleanup of how stamps get updated.
  • Continue uploading if something goes wrong, but don’t update that stamp.
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site-upload 0.4-1

by on Nov.25, 2008, under Linux

Version 0.4-1 of site-upload has been released. This is the first version I am releasing publicly, but I have actually been using this tool for many years to upload changes to various websites that I maintain. It works easily and quickly form the command-line, which is handy when making changes on my home server remotely.


  • Initial public release.
  • Major clean-up of the code.
  • Do not delete remote files if they are now being ignored.
  • Add –start-path and –norecurse to allow fast uploads of large sites when little has changed.
  • Allow command-line options to properly override config file options.
  • Fix logic for boolean config options.Only check the checksum if the modification time changed.
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LIRC module Debian packages for 2.6.27 kernels

by on Nov.20, 2008, under Linux

“LIRC is a package that allows you to decode and send infra-red signals of many (but not all) commonly used remote controls.”

It seems that any time I try to use the Debian LIRC modules source package, it is too old to build against the kernel I am trying to use. I have updated the 0.8.3 package currently found in Lenny and Sid to 0.8.4a. It will now build against Linux 2.6.27.

Source Packages

Binary Packages

What I have built with the above source.  Unlikely to be useful to you, but here you go anyway…

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Keyspan USB to Serial Converter Driver

by on Oct.29, 2008, under Linux

Update 01/17/2012: Sorry for the broken links. I think I lost some .htaccess magic when moving around my site hosting. I’ve been using my Keyspan on my Debian box running the stock 2.6.32 kernel and have not had issues. That’s why this page is so stale…I forgot all about it.

This driver source code and firmware was taken directly from the sources and packaged as a kernel module.  It supports several of the Keyspan “USA” Series USB to Serial converters.  This driver was removed from official Debian kernel sources due to its change in status as “non-free” per the Debian Free Software Guidelines (DFSG).  This was the result of some unclear language in the license found in the firmware header files.

I had invested in several of these dongles due to their quality, performance, and good Linux support.  Debian is the only distribution that is not happy with the licensing terms.  Even Ubuntu (a Debian-derived distribution) has added this driver back to its kernels.  I was a bit frustrated by this and have decided to package the driver for other Debian users.

Source Packages

The sources can currently be built for 2.6.18 and 2.6.26 kernels intended for Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 “etch” and Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 “lenny”, respectively.  Other kernels are likely supported as well, but will require Makefile and possibly source modifications due to internal API changes between kernel versions. You should be able to build the module by installing the keyspan-source package and then using module-assistant: “m-a prepare; m-a auto-install keyspan”.

Binary Packages

Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 “etch”:

Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 “lenny”:

Changes from Original Source

  • Created Makefile to build outside of kernel tree.
  • Initial release based on Linux Kernel for Etch.
  • Added driver source and firmware from for Lenny.
  • Modified Makefile to build for either kernel tree.
  • Added preinst script to divert existing keyspan module.
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