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Sorune is a tool written in Perl by Darren Smith.  It is used to manage the database on the Neuros Audio player.  Features include:

  • A simple GUI that makes management easy (requires Perl Tk).
  • All music formats are supported (mp3, ogg, wav, wma(non-drm)). All native file tags are supported.
  • Full m3u playlist support.
  • Database rebuild support.
  • Tagging by directory layout.
  • Sort by title on artists, genres, songs and recordings. Sort by track number on albums.
  • Maintains directory/file names as well as file access/modification times during sync.
  • Moving of recordings to user specified directory.
  • Foreign language accents in tags are handled (converted to the nearest English equivalent).
  • Handling of duplicate title names. Appends a number in parenthesis “(2)” or “(3)” to the title.
  • Sub-menu support.
  • Various artist support.Separate binary from libraries.

See the man page for more information.


The latest beta release:

Latest stable release:

Changes from Original Source

  • Separate binary from libraries.
  • Fix native library include path.
  • Created man page.
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