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by on Oct.09, 2009, under Daytona

Re-rewelded the driver’s seat frame. It was broken into three pieces and was being held in place by an empty cat litter container. I added some steel to it, so I don’t expect it to break again, at least on in that spot. The bottom cushion has a weird feel to it now, probably because it is being properly supported for the first time in years.

The UltraFlo muffler rusted-off. That thing only lasted 3 years…not impressive. Put the Super Turbo back on there…it’s no quieter than the UltraFlo (at least on the inside), but maybe it’s quieter for the neighbors.

The water pump housing has been leaking for years, but now coolant is dropping at an alarming rate. Not sure if it was the leak or something else, but the housing is now resealed. The car suddenly started using more oil than before as well, so something is clearly amiss. Last time I had the turbo intake off, I saw oil in there. There is still a very small amount of oil in the coolant. Now sure if it’s just leftover film or if there is a leak or crack somewhere. I’m guessing that I will find out sooner or later what the issue is/are.

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    I am attempting a tubelab simple se build and not seeing any current discussions. I have some questions about this build. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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    Feel free to ask via email or post your question in the Tubelab section at

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    How is the Daytona project going, I have not heard from you in sometime now. Any new pictures or updates?

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    Well, it’s my daily driver. Other than oil changes and the usual stuff, I haven’t done much to it. It does need a clutch.

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