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Drag Racing at SDAC 21The national convention was back in Chicago again this year. The car show was at the same venue in Fox Lake along with the Chicagoland Mopar Connection’s “Mopars at the Park” show. It was neat seeing such nice FWD Mopars next to the classic iron again. The weather was perfect.

The drags were at Da Grove again as well. I was able to make a few passes. These new tires aren’t as sticky as the old Kumhos were. That along with this hair-trigger ceramic clutch had something to do with my launch problems, I think. The cal has been tuned better since the last time, so my MPH was in the 100s even on the worst pass. But I wasn’t able to beat my previous E/T. Best was 14.343sec @ 102.90mph. Best MPH was 103.66.

Coolant started getting pushed into the overflow at this point, so I called it quits.

React 60′ 1/8 ET 1/8 MPH 1/4 ET 1/4 MPH Comments
0.845 2.565 9.861 75.27 14.897 101.69 First run. Bogged it.
0.320 2.553 9.626 76.36 14.637 102.50 Hot-lapped. Spun.
0.827 2.710 10.065 76.43 15.056 103.17 Spun then bogged it.
0.663 2.685 9.938 78.11 14.876 103.66 Spun like crazy. Hot-lapped.
0.490 2.599 9.720 77.49 14.720 102.13 Tried staging rev-limiter at 4k. Spun like crazy.
0.079 2.572 9.675 78.31 14.616 103.37 4k launch, spun. Hot-lapped.
0.941 2.337 9.352 76.76 14.343 102.90 4k launch, feathered the clutch better. Hot-lapped.

Here is a video of one of the runs taken by Ron M from the SDAC-Chicago club.

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