The Daytona: December 10, 2002

by on Dec.10, 2002, under Daytona

Fixing various odds and ends: fuel gauge sender, rear view mirror, hatch struts, more wiring, etc.  Still leaking gas from the sender gasket, but it’s probably because the lock ring isn’t fully tightened.  Once the tank is near empty again, I’ll drop it and try to snug it up.  I also decided to do a compression test after I noticed that it sounded like it was missing consistently at idle.  Results were 127-130-127-135.  That’s a little higher than I would expect, particularly for a high mileage motor that consumes oil, but I feel better about the bottom end in this thing.  I have a feeling that this turbo may be on the way out…the oil is going somewhere besides on the ground.  The plugs also looked good, though they were quite eroded.  I replaced them with a set of Autolite 64s I had, which should hopefully quell the occasional pinging I hear at part throttle/high boost.  The vacuum lines were a mess, so I addressed those.  We’ll see how it is, but the MAP sensor line was very loose, possibly causing lean-out (who knows).  I put the WCV (Grainger valve) from my Shadow in it, so we’ll see how that effects lag.  This motor idles funny and seems to hesitate when accelerating from a full stop, so I’m not sure what is going on.  Once I get all the fittings I need for my adjustable FPR, I’ll be able to put the 804 injectors in and monkey with the fuel to get the mixture right.  There is definitely something screwy with the mixture on this thing, but it may be due to electronics.  It runs rich when it doesn’t need to and lean in boost on certain occasions.  I’d like to convert it to ’87 electronics in order to unify it with my CSX.  Need to find an ’87 T1 LM for that….

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