The Daytona: December 4, 2002

by on Dec.04, 2002, under Daytona

I got the fuel pump installed tonight.  I was expecting a battle to get the fuel tank strap nuts loose (I even bought an 8mm x 1.25 die to clean up the threads), but they came off with ease.  The pump has been replaced before; in fact it was even a Walbro unit (stock), which made the conversion to the high capacity unit a bit easier.  The inside of the tank is rather rusty (but is solid), and I found an extra pump intake sock floating around in there.  Also, the inner tray that is used to siphon fuel out of a nearly empty tank had popped off of its mount (probably at the hands of the previous installer).  It took a lot of fiddling, but I was able to pop it back on.  I have a feeling there was nothing really wrong with the old pump, but the tank is in good shape now.  Also, the fuel filler neck grommet was leaking partially because it was ripped up by whoever took it out last.

This car is weird.  Besides the front end issues and all that, the under body is strangely free of rust except for the places it rusted completely through.  Two of these places are the front-outside corners of the floorpan.  This is typical because the front wheels sling rocks and stuff at them.  The other rusted out area is the spare tire well in the trunk, but there is obvious evidence that someone backed the car into something: there are scratch marks elsewhere back there and the rear trailing arm was bent up real bad (I swapped it with the Shadow).  It really does seem like it came from down south.  Unfortunately, the CarFax report only goes back to 1991, so I don’t know where the car was originally bought.  The underbody was coated at some point with that rubberized stuff, but it doesn’t look factory.  Either the rear shocks are original or they were put on after the underbody coating was applied, because they are covered in the stuff!  In any case, it may have helped protect the underbody.

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