Hectic Morning at PWK

by on Jun.08, 2016, under Flight Training

Flew around the pattern again at PWK this morning.  This will probably be my last flight until I get the written test out of the way.  The airport was busy and it proved to be challenging to deal with all of the odd ATC requests.  At one point we had 4 Cessnas in the pattern with small jets coming and going.

The wind ended up being rather variable and at one point I was landing with a tail wind.  I got maybe two or three “normal” circuits in the pattern.  The rest contained ATC deviations of some sort, including extended bases, short finals, and runway changes.  At one point I was getting a little too close to O’Hare and had to hover in the downwind at 50kts until I finally got the call to turn around for a different runway.  At another point, I had too much power on a short final and had to forward slip like crazy to get down to the runway.  The techniques all worked like they were supposed to though, and I didn’t have any major problems.  Just some squirrelly landings.

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