The CSX: November 3, 2006

by on Nov.03, 2006, under CSX

Well, on the way home from work I noticed that I had no heat and the temp guage was acting weird.  I was like great, it’s the frickin’ head gasket that’s making it smoke.  I started filling the radiator, which was pretty much empty, and heard a splashing noise.  I look under the car and coolant is dumping out from behind the block.  Dang core plug popped out again.  Man I hate that thing.  There is no room for the CSX in the garage, so I forged ahead with the Daytona.  The CSX needs the front struts swapped, the turbo swapped, the clutch swapped, the radiator core support welded, the K-frame checked for square, the ball joints re-replaced, and a full, 4-wheel alignment job.  Poor car needs a break.

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