Dodge Daytona

1986 Dodge Daytona Turbo Z C/S

This was my most recent Turbo Dodge daily driver: a 1986 Dodge Daytona Turbo Z C/S, aka “Frankentona”.  The “C/S” stands for “Carroll Shelby”, which is basically a performance handling package on top of the “Turbo Z” Daytona package.  The C/S package includes a 32mm solid front sway bar and a 28mm solid rear sway bar.  It also includes a set of 15×6.5 inch “crab” rims (in gold for black C/S’s), but I got this one with the standard 15×6 inch “pizza” rims.  See Dempsey Bowling’s pages for more information on Daytona C/S packages.

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The goal for this car is to make it a reasonably comfortable daily driver/street warrior.  I’ve built-up the toughest drivetrain I could, replacing and upgrading parts whenever possible.  It has a freshly rebuilt motor and trans, new axles, and all new suspension components.  I also tried to modernize it somewhat on the inside by installing a full 1990 interior and fitting it with every luxury option I could get my hands on.  All the different parts from different years of different cars is how it got its name.  Except for the chassis, there isn’t a whole lot of 1986 left in it.  The story of how a got this thing is documented here

Current Vehicle Synopsis

  • 1986 Dodge Daytona Turbo Z C/S
  • 114,000 miles
  • M&M Racing 1989 2.2L Turbo II “Common” block with JE forged pistons, bored 0.030″ over
  • 1988 782 “Swirl” head, FM 1mm oversized undercut stainless steel valves, ported by Steve Menegon
  • Forward Motion ported 2-piece intake with 52mm throttle body
  • Forward Motion ported stock exhaust manifold
  • Turbos Unleashed “Super 70” turbocharger
  • Relentless Racing “Triple-Core” intercooler (3 stock cores in parallel)
  • First-gen DSM BOV
  • FWD Performance 3″ stainless steel exhaust with Walker Ultraflo muffler
  • A568/523 “hybrid” 3.50:1 transaxle with Quaife torque-biasing differential
  • Turbos Unleashed “Ultimate” Kevlar Street N’ Strip clutch
  • The Drive Shaft Shop Chrome Moly axles
  • 1989 Daytona Shelby Z 11″ brake setup and rear axle
  • 1992 Shadow K-frame
  • 1990 Daytona interior


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