Reds on Reds

by on Apr.24, 2012, under Keyboards

This is the CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid with Cherry MX red switches sporting double-shot “Ragnarok Red” key caps from signature plastics. Much better than the gaudy caps it comes with. They have more texture to them, too.

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    Hey, I really like this site you it has some great information. I also was wondering where did you purchase these key caps? I was hoping that you knew if anywhere online was selling them, because I think I would like them on my rapid. Granted mine is the logoless version of the keyboard but non the less I still think it would look nice with a set of key caps like these Ragnarok Reds.

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    Are you still using this keyboard?

    I am looking to Mod some Cherry MX Browns with 45g springs in a Ghetto-Ergo Clear mod (not really an Ergo-Clear mod as its using Cherry MX Browns, but results in the almost the same thing as the Ergo-Clear mod).

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    Well, actually it flaked out on me again. It’s one of CM’s first Rapid boards with reds and they had a bit of a solder issue back then. Good luck with your mod!

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    These are the “Ragnarok Red” set.

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