Tubelab Simple PP – Performance


Left channel waveform at 1W outputLeft channel waveform at 1W output.

0.28Vpp-880pF-left-jj-spectLeft channel spectra at 1W output.  Notice that the 2nd harmonic dominates the left channel and not the right.  Swapping output tubes had no affect on this, so it is likely that the resistors in the split-load phase splitter are not well matched.  The higher order harmonics can be ignored as these are an artifact of the signal source.

0.28Vpp-880pF-right-jj-spectRight channel spectra at 1W output.  Here the 3rd harmonic slightly dominates the 2nd, as one would expect in a PP amp.

1.5Vpp-880pF-left-jj-scopeLeft channel waveform at 14.3W output, just before the onset of clipping.  Note the crossover distortion in the waveform.

1.5Vpp-880pF-left-jj-spectLeft channel spectra at 14.3W output.  Pretty ugly, but expected given the distortion seen in the waveform.  Even harmonics are again higher than expected in the channel.

1.5Vpp-880pF-right-jj-spectRight channel spectra at 14.3W output.

0.8Vpp-880pF-left-jj-bodeLeft channel frequency response at 3W output.


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