Tubelab Simple SE Breadboard

by on Mar.22, 2009, under Electron Tube Audio

With the right iron, the Tubelab Simple SE comes to life. After a sanity-check with cheap Chinese tubes, here is the amp running with JJ 6L6GCs strapped as triodes. The amp sounds sweet with a bit more power than the Tubelab SE.

Tubelab Simple SE - Breadboard Testing

This coincides with the new speakers that I recently got off of Craigslist: a pair of Klipsch KLF-10s. The horns on these do cause ear fatigue on the Dynaco, but with this amp it is more subdued. I am hoping that the DHTs in the Tubelab SE will be even better.

Tubelab Simple SE - Breadboard Testing System

The basement in currently under construction, so the setup is a bit MacGyver.

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    HI, Found you stuff about the thomas organ amp. What is the output impeadance in ohms for the speakers on those output transformers?

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    I used the Thomas amp with 8-ohm speakers. I don’t know what the original impedance was.

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